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Kickflip Android SDK

This SDK manages all the plumbing for your cloud video application. It supports Live, High Definition HTTP-HLS video, managing user profiles, and querying broadcasts made by your users. All you need is a account. This SDK requires Android 4.3+ (API 18+).

When developing an Android application with this SDK, you only have to concern yourself with the Kickflip and KickflipApiClient classes:
  • Kickflip is the entry point for all interaction with Kickflip
  • KickflipApiClient is used to interact with the Kickflip API. You can get an instance from


  • Getting Started covers creating a Kickflip account and application
  • SDK QuickStart covers including this SDK with your Android application.
  • SDK Guide covers all the fundamental functions related to broadcasting as well as managing your users and their broadcasts.

io.kickflip.sdk.fragment The Kickflip fragments contain the meat of the interaction between the Android application lifecycle and the SDK components.